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Tower 8 Shenton Way: Reaching for the sky in Sigapore

Drawing inspiration from bamboo forests, this giant will be ready by 2028. 

There’s an undeniable fascination
for those giants that pierce the clouds. 

Indeed, towering structures around the world aren’t just immensely tall; they embody technological innovations and revolve around a central message that shapes their entire concept. 

▟▝▖ One such renowned structure, though yet to be realized, is the 8 Shenton Way, set to grace the skyline of Singapore. With plans for 63 floors, here’s the twist—each floor will be adorned with vegetation. 

This colossal marvel, set to be completed by 2028, will host commercial, corporate, and hotel spaces. 

It will also house residences
(perfect if you’re on the lookout for a property in Asia with breathtaking views). 

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), one of the architectural firms leading this project, unveiled that terracotta tones will dominate, drawing inspiration from bamboo forests. 


Hanging gardens will punctuate the structure every five floors. This promises verdant foliage across the façade and welcomes friendly visitors like birds and butterflies. 




Tailored with the tropical climate of Singapore in mind, this building is poised to become one of the first mixed-use towers post-pandemic, with health and well-being steering its design. In striving to meet the city’s latest and most rigorous sustainability standards, our design will establish a new paradigm for resilient and elegant skyscraper design in Singapore,

stated Mustafa Abadan,
a member of the (SOM) team.

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