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6 Debate Topics That Helvex Puts on the Table 

Trends land on our wish list almost magically. But where do they come from? We’ll unravel the mystery for you while also inviting you to ponder. 

Suddenly, there are objects we desire with all our might. The same goes for a color, a flavor, an aroma. 

Where do these fashions that challenge us come from? We engaged in a conversation with Cristina Gómez and Stefanie Suárez from Code Studio, a company focused on CMF (colors, materials, and finishes) design and trend forecasting for the Latin American market. We gained valuable insights!” 

According to the experts at Code, a color significantly enhances a product’s potential. Would you have imagined that? Perhaps not consciously. 

Because we emotionally connect with something first, and only then do we see its functionality. 

Before delving into trends, these young architects who established their company after meeting in Milan while pursuing a master’s degree, set forth six overarching topics that outline the market direction in our countries. 

Let’s review them together so that you can subsequently discuss them with your peers 

The first topic addresses the self and prioritizes personal space. 

It invites introspection and seeks reconnection. Fundamental here is the comfort within homes and spaces. Emotional well-being takes a significant place. Calmness and clarity are two words that define it.” 

The second topic tackles the rapid surge in technology and digital culture. 

It delves into how there are no longer boundaries between physical and digital spaces. Barriers between what can exist or not are shattered, as scenarios that seem straight out of science fiction actually exist and vice versa.” 


Let’s discuss the third topic. It emphasizes the significance of community and returning to collective work. 

It categorizes social engagement as wholesome and distances itself from individualism. It encourages group creativity, cooperative platforms, which in turn fosters a sense of belonging. It forges connections with the land, traditions, and roots.” 


Do any of these topics resonate with you so far? What’s intriguing is how they interrelate, impacting us all in diverse ways. 

Moving on to the fourth subject. This alludes to something that we at Helvex prioritize: the environment. 

The less we disrupt spaces, the better. Encouraging the use of circular, sustainable products and embracing natural colors. Emphasis is placed on material scarcity and the resources that will remain for future generations. 

The fifth topic, as highlighted by the experts at Code, delves into creativity and how new technologies enable us to express ourselves in unique ways. 

The boundaries of what’s possible are extended through the tools at our disposal today. Many barriers are broken down, and we maintain a positive outlook in the face of change.” 

The sixth and final topic is perhaps the most controversial as it addresses uncertainty. This has become unavoidable in the times we live in due to unforeseen events. 

The pandemic, coupled with new technologies, major migrations, political factors, and gender inclusion, among many other factors, point towards significant changes. 

Bring these topics to the table among your friends and family. We assure you of a fruitful debate. We will continue exploring these realms in future editions! 

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