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In this way, your home can be a business

There are new ways to travel, and this could be a great business opportunity for you 

There’s a new breed of travelers who embrace authentic city experiences. This often involves staying in private homes thath offer rooms or entire spaces for rent, bookable through well-known platforms.

In this context,
your home can be
a lucrative venture.
Have you considered it? 

▀ Mexico is increasingly making its way onto the list of favorite destinations for international tourists. Our culture is diverse and marvelous, and we are outstanding hosts. If you’re looking to earn some extra income by offering accommodations in your home to travelers from around the world, there are a few important factors to consider: 


If the space is shared, meaning you are renting out only a portion of your own home, you must prioritize your guests’ privacy. 

Ideally, they should have a separate entrance and exclusive areas. If this isn’t feasible, keep in mind that you’ll be coexisting with strangers on a regular basis. 


You must ensure that all services are functioning perfectly. You’ll be more vigilant than ever about water or gas leaks that could lead to accidents. 

It’s advisable to install a safe in the room so that your guests can keep their documents and valuable items secure. 


Not all travelers seek to be in the city center. Instead, some want the main points of interest to be within walking distance or well-connected through public transportation. 

Whatever the location of your space, be honest about it and make the most of it. There are customers for every type of location! 


Pay attention here. A spotless space goes beyond things looking nice. You could have no dust and everything organized, but if your plumbing is damaged, has limescale, or doesn’t work well, it will leave a very bad impression. 

Opt for water-saving and modern-designed technology, such as Helvex models. 

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