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Chengdu Science Fiction Museum

A temple of innovation with a design that appears out of this world.

With versatile spaces accommodating multiple exhibitions and activities simultaneously, this temple opens its doors in China. 

Science fiction enthusiasts are in for a treat as a museum dededicated to this genre opens its doors, drawing the attention of millions of people worldwide. 


The fact that the design
is being led by Zaha Hadid Architects
is a remarkable beginning 


Resembling a cloud that appears to float at the lake’s edge, the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum boasts an impressive nearly 60,000 square meters. 

In its planning, the terrain conditions, natural light, and other elements were carefully considered, ensuring an ecological implementation at every step. 

This approach maximizes resource utilization and adheres to the country’s regulations. 

The museum, which by the way, will host this year’s Hugo Awards in August and the 81st Annual World Science Fiction Convention scheduled for October, extends beyond indoor spaces.

On the contrary, its gardens come to life significantly with native vegetation and landscaping that, apart from serving as a lung for the city, are prepared for rainwater harvesting and utilization 

Why Chengdu?

Almost everything has a reason behind it, and this is no exception. The city of Chengdu, now home to 20 million residents, is renowned for being one of the country’s primary incubators of fiction literature. 

it is the home of the
Science Fiction World magazine. 

Its geography also contributes
a touch of mystique
as it’s surrounded by mountains. 

Globally recognized as the homeland of giant pandas, it’s also gaining worldwide recognition as a hub of innovation and technology.” 

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