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MS Porrima, the ship of the future

With 6 hours of sunlight per day, this vessel sails 150 miles using clean energy. Yes, the future has already caught up with us 

Don’t you sometimes find yourself amazed by inventions that are no longer prototypes, that work perfectly, and make us think that the future is already here? It happens to us frequently. 

And if we pay attention, they all have a message: to make this planet a better place. 

▰▰▱▰ Every industry is making a significant effort to reduce pollutants and be more environmentally friendly. 

As you know, at Helvex, we have countless initiatives in this regard, and that’s why we enjoy sharing news like this. 

There is a ship that seems to come straight out of a science fiction tale, but it’s already sailing smoothly and at full speed. Its name is MS Porrima, and it’s the first ship that carries its own hydrogen production onboard. 

Its inaugural journey was no small feat: it covered 3,200 km from Tokyo to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. True to its name – derived from a Roman deity revered as the goddess of the future – the MS Porrima showcased sustainability expertise. 

Equipped with solar panels,
lithium batteries, and electric motors
for when the weather is less favorable. 

What happens during the nights? The MS Porrima is powered by the wind. But that’s not all: the wind is harnessed to generate energy and recharge the batteries. 

All surplus power is converted into hydrogen using seawater. This way, this 100-ton ship is ready to navigate even the roughest oceans. 

Onboard, this ship that seems to be taken from a science fiction story has technology that appears to be a solution for removing some of the plastic from the sea and addressing the issue of fishing pregnant females who inevitably die. This is achieved through special nets with bubble air technology that automatically release the heavier ones. 

In summary, the MS Porrima, owned by Blue Innovations from Switzerland, is the first ship to circumnavigate the world using clean energy and other environmentally friendly advancements, delivering a much-needed positive message in times like these. 


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