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Sam Smith

Palacio de los Deportes
September 14th and 15th

Controversial and a trendsetter in fashion, this artist arrives in the Mexican capital from the United Kingdom. With two dates, he will present his new album Gloria.

Sam gained fame a little more than 10 years ago and since then, he has not stopped being in the news. Most recently, he declared himself to be non-binary, which immediately made him a standard in the community.

The artist is expected to delight attendees with “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,” “Gimme,” “Unholy” and “Love Me More,” in addition to his hits from previous releases.

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Depeche Mode

Foro Sol
September 21st and 23rd

After several years without visiting Mexico, Depeche Mode will be performing here next September.

Memento Mori World Tour 2023 will include hits such as “Ghosts Again”, “Where’s the Revolution” and “Going Backwards”. The British, in their comeback, have generated great expectation.

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World Press Photo 2023

Franz Mayer Museum
Until October 8th

When photos tell stories, they stay forever in our memory. This exhibition, featuring finalist works from among thousands taken by photographers and reporters at important events around the world, is a must-see.

The Broadway Musical

Telcel Theater
Until October 28th

A Russian duchess takes her way through life trying to remember who she is. Around this story, fantastic scenery, dances and an excellent performance are created.

Mariana Dávila gives life to the main character and the changes of setting quickly earn the applause of all.

Don’t miss this great play


October 9th to 15th

This multi-venue electronic music festival is an invitation to get out of the box and explore with sounds, lights and freedom.

For this year, some of the strong cards are Plaid, Marina Herlop, Hatis Noit, William Basinski, Alessandro Cortini & Marco Ciceri, Tarta Relena, Rival Consoles, Wata Igarashi and Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone.

Liam Young.
Building worlds

Ex Teresa Museum of Contemporary Art
Until October 14th

How does this artist see the future? The Australian creator, through 9 video installations, gives us a glimpse of the cities of tomorrow that live in his imagination.

All supported by research and also by technology, as he uses laser scanners, autonomous drones and other digital techniques. “In the robot skies” and “Where the city can’t see” are just a couple of examples.


Neovolcanic Axis.
Artistic approaches to the igneous landscape.

Museum of Modern Art
Until October 21st

Undoubtedly, they are giants that attract us because of their strength and because they awaken without warning; they also provoke fear, and the few who dare to get closer are fascinated!

If you are passionate about volcanoes, in some way, you must see this exhibition that brings together 162 pieces by artists such as Adela Goldbard, Tania Ximena, Mariana Paniagua, Sofía Echeverri, Juan O’Gorman, Alice Rahon and Dr. Atl.

inba-arte moderno

Tan Tin Tan.
A XXI Century Mexican

Kaluz Museum
Until November 27th

From the most private glimpses into his life to his prolific career, this exhibition brings us closer to the Mexican artist in unsuspected ways.

Divided into six nuclei, this journey through his history includes costumes, film clips, musical instruments and other objects.

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