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Let’s take care of the planet

 Welcome to a new edition of Vida Decó Helvex, where we explore innovative architecture, revolutionary technology, and the cultural richness that shapes our world. 

In this edition, we delve into the universe where lines and forms intertwine to create structures that challenge conventions and redefine our urban horizons: from imposing skyscrapers to sustainable residences. We also explore how architects’ creativity shapes our cities and changes the way we interact with space. 

We step into the future with solar technology for boats, an innovation that not only promises to revolutionize navigation but also change the way we consider renewable energy. With the sun as our ally, we sail toward a cleaner and more sustainable horizon. 

Let’s head to Panama! This country rich in history and tradition welcomes us with open arms. We explore its roots, its history, and its vibrant contemporary scene. From ancient treasures to modern perspectives. 

Meanwhile, we dive into the magic of transforming spaces into reflections of occupants’ personalities and comfort. From finishing touches to elegant functionality, we discover how thought, significant human themes, and trends are intimately interconnected. 

Furthermore, the threads of architecture, technology, culture, trends, and design intertwine to form a vibrant and unifying narrative. We invite you to explore these pages with an open mind and a curious heart, and to discover how our shared passions create a world full of meaningful connections. 

We hope you enjoy this new edition of Vida Decó magazine. 

Eng. Jorge Barbará Morfín. President and CEO of Helvex Group.


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