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A perfect kitchen? Follow these tips

Because this is one of the most crucial gathering spots in our home, and nowadays, it even plays a leading role in its design.

Previously, kitchens were confined to an exclusive area and often had a door, sometimes with a porthole-style glass that allowed a glimpse inside. 

In more modern constructions, the trend is to blend it with the common area, often becoming a focal point of the design. 

At times, it welcomes us as we enter, and in others, it’s so prominently displayed that it can be admired from any angle in the living space. 

In an interview with Carla Guillén, Manager of Emozioni by Helvex, we learned that a kitchen remains in place for at least 15 years, hence the importance of making wise choices. 

Furthermore, the size of the kitchen has evolved. They used to be smaller, but nowadays they tend to be more spacious as they transform into functional spaces. 

A good kitchen brings people together. Gatherings start and end here. For Latinos, the heart of a family is right there. That’s why it holds such value, she added.

In many remodeling projects, walls are taken down to transform the kitchen into a social hub. 

The expert also emphasized the importance of spaces because, besides being beautiful, they must be practical. 

There are 5 areas to consider: pantry, storage, washing, preparation, and cooking. 

All of them should be proportioned appropriately based on the needs of the inhabitants – it’s not the same for a professional chef as it is for a seasoned traveler. 

An important consideration when making decisions is whether the kitchen will feature panels to conceal appliances – even including the refrigerator – or if these will be on display. The range of possibilities is vast. 

Moreover, the colors: while white takes the lead, there are trending shades that evoke nature. 

Some dare to experiment with unusual tones, and for them, Emozioni by Helvex offers fantastic options as well.

Regarding marble-like veining, Carla mentioned that trends range from the finer veins to those that are thicker, resembling the roots of a tree. 

She also discussed natural stones, which are not recommended for kitchen countertops due to their susceptibility to leaks. 

As a result, materials like recycled and porcelain elements are used, producing very realistic outcomes. She emphasized the importance of antibacterial materials, which have gained greater prominence in recent times.

There are several types of kitchen designs: U-shaped, with an island, G-shaped, L-shaped, galley, and single-line. 

In addition to design, Guillén mentioned the importance of selecting systems that provide practicality, such as sturdy drawers that can be operated with a touch. Did you know that these drawers and doors are opened at least 80 times a day? 

Undoubtedly, the kitchen reflects the inhabitants’ lifestyle. Seek advice from the experts at Emozioni by Helvex to ensure your kitchen becomes the heart of your home.

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